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 small wheels, old kids bike/small pram ?????????

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PostSubject: small wheels, old kids bike/small pram ?????????   Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:49 am

hi all,

i am after some small wheels, the sort off a kiddy bike or an old pram.

Why i hear you ask (don't I?) well i have an idea, or rather i am pinching an old idea,

i intend to get my ever so sweet and manic escaping dwarf billy goat 'Bill' to earn his keep, i saw a picture of a goat pulling a small cart & i thought....Hummm scratch scratch scratch

anyone who has ever tried to stop a goat when it wants to pull you knows just how strong they really are, & since i can't use a wheelbarrow right now i thought of getting Bill to pull a little 4 wheel cart about to poo pick etc

so here we go, i can make Bill a mini harness,& he loves going for walks anyway in his mini foal slip headcollar and so all i am a needing of is some wheels!

*pref 4 or at least 2 matching pairs size wize, i want to make a 4 wheel jobby so all Bill will do is pull & not have to balance it too, or i will use the base from a pram, afterall it is not to take any heavy weight....Bill is not THAT strong!

thanks bye
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small wheels, old kids bike/small pram ?????????
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