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 Some Equestrian terms - English / French

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PostSubject: Some Equestrian terms - English / French   Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:15 am

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The horse

Cheval -Horse
Jument -Mare
Poulain - Foal
Pouliche - filly
Hongre -Gelding
Etalon -Stallion
Tête - Head
Yeux - Eyes
Oreilles- Ears
Naseau- Nostril
Garrot -Withers
Encolure- Neck
Crinière- Mane
Queue -Tail
Jambes- Legs
Sabot- Hoof

The tack

Harnachement (général) Tack
Selle- Saddle
Sangle- Girth
Filet - Bridle,
Longe- Rope
Seller - To saddle
Desseller- To unsaddle
Sangler- To girth
Dessangler- To loosen the girth
Raccourcir - To shorten
Rallonger - To lengthen
Etrier -Stirrup
Tapis de selle -Sweat blanket (Saddle pad )
Brosse - Brush
Cure-pieds- Hoof-picks
Fer- Horse shoe
Chaps- Chaps
Mini-chaps- Half chaps
Bombe- Helmet / riding hat
Chapeau - Hat
Gants -Gloves
Bottes -Boots

Pas -Walk
Trot- Trot
Galop- Canter
A droite- Right
A gauche- Left
Boiter - Lame
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Some Equestrian terms - English / French
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