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 spine & neck surgery

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PostSubject: spine & neck surgery   Thu May 13, 2010 2:56 pm

hi, i need some info to help me make some tough decisions.

the view of the medics is i will need surgery on my **spine in the neck and probably back too....
so my question is this...has anyone had this sort of thing? how long were you out of action and could you ride ok after it?

looking up on the internet it looks like i may need to think about needing help for a while before and after the op, it is for this reason -amongst others - that i offered my lot out on loan, no takers so far, form an orderly line ok? (well i can dream!)

**nerve problems due to restricted space in the spinal canal and some bony protrusions here n there too.

any advise or experiences would be welcome, thanks to all bye.
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spine & neck surgery
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