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 Equestrian events for the winter months!

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PostSubject: Equestrian events for the winter months!   Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:12 am

These will be held at Equitation Kervalerien, Tel: 02 96 45 91 54
22160 St Servais.  [Cotes d'Armor] 
and everyone is welcome!
Four french equestrian-related conversation sessions: 25  euros the four sessions, including tea/coffee etc   14.30 - 16.00
Jan 15th  "Vous et votre cheval. Vos objectifs"
Jan 22nd  "L'ecurie, les herbages, le fourrage" 
Jan 29th  "Le materiel  equestre"
 Feb. 5th "Morphologie, maladies et tares"
December 22nd and January 19th  10.30 - 12.30
"The basicis of ridden work" [continuation from November 24th]
February 15th 14.00-16.00
"Improve your equitation without a horse!!" 
You will discover if:
- your saddle is right for you
- if you remain straight in the saddle
- if you use the body weight correctly
- if you are communicating with the horses mouth
Come with a friend and bring your saddle. Each person will be the horse!
Its different, fun and you will be surprised by the result
Charge, 12 euros inc: coffee, tea and cake.
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Equestrian events for the winter months!
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