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 western saddle pad = advice please

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western saddle pad = advice please Empty
PostSubject: western saddle pad = advice please   western saddle pad = advice please EmptyFri Oct 19, 2012 5:11 am

hi all, i have a couple of western saddles, been kicking around & they happen to fit the welsh & the donks, actually fit the donks really well as donks have too flat a back for 'pony shaped' saddles which tend to rock about,

so what i need to know is this, western saddle pads:-
whats the best type & material? i am told a normal english style numnah is too puny, i have gel pads & neoprene pads left from salties time & i used to use several cotton bath mat rugs under the western for her with no probs,

can i run up a western style pad at home? i am fairly good at make do so is there anything special i need to know about the construction, all those i have seen are just like megga thick wooly bathmats? which must take an age to dry.

thanks in advance for any thinks which may come in, bye
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western saddle pad = advice please
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