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 wanted, tiny size harness or bits of 1

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PostSubject: wanted, tiny size harness or bits of 1   Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:49 am

hi all,

i'm looking for a tiny size harness or the breast plate/collar from 1 ..........why?

i want to make a driving harness to fit my billy goat, anyone who has ever tried to win a tug of war with a determined goat knows they are strong little critters,

my goat zebbedee is a big goat as goats go, young & not exactly over worked, i saw something about mini carts being pulled by goats on the internet & it said they are roughly as strong as the same size donkey so i thought he might do some help for shifting hay bales & poo picking moving & so on,
he is a nice natured fella & gave a goaty back ride to my friends little girl last week, just a few turns round the garden.. she used to ride Saltie & was so upset when Saltie died, zebbedee made her holiday 'cos of course she couldn't ride the bretons.

5 mins of training -not a jot of fuss and instant backed, never missed a beat, in fact i don't think he even paused chewing? scratch
oh if the horses were that easy!
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wanted, tiny size harness or bits of 1
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