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 URGENT - Dora - Very pretty and affectionate Tabby and white cat

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PostSubject: URGENT - Dora - Very pretty and affectionate Tabby and white cat   Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:09 pm

Urgent message received ;

This tabby and white cat is called Dora
I took to her immediately as she is so affectionate
Being a stray little was known about her background and a subsequent
visit to the vet confirmed she had no chip
I placed photographs in local shops and post office to no avail
She is clean in the house , when I've had to keep her in the house
on occasions causes me no problems as she readily uses her cat litter,
She obviously is used to dogs and is OK with those who visit me, but
recently had a confrontation with the farm dog so she remains now a
bit nervous. However if I take her into the orchard she feels safe and
enjoys her time there returning when the coast is clear. We think she
may be about 1 or 2 years old according to the vet. If she is not
lying on my bed (see photos) she is curled up on my knee. I have kept
her in at night so that she doesn't have a row with my own cat who is
a night owl but quite happily settles down in a cat basket in my
kitchen. I feed them both first thing in the morning and early
Tigger and I will be returning to the UK permanently some time around
mid June so I would like to know she is happy in her new home by then.
I will miss her very much and I am not particularly a cat person.
Thought Tigger was the best thing in the world as he firmly believes I
am his mother is I reared him from babyhood. He now has close
competition for my affection

She will be sterilized for her new family"

please contact ;

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URGENT - Dora - Very pretty and affectionate Tabby and white cat
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